Lacrosse head stringing

At Perfect Shot Stringing, we'll make your lacrosse stick look and perform its best. Talk to us about our mesh and custom stringing for attack, midfield, defense, and goalie heads.

Check out our work below. Interested in a pocket you don't see? Let us know and we can likely string it for you!

custom lacrosse head stringing

classic traditional

4 Leather classic traditional pocket, not as common in modern lacrosse. Soft feel, no mesh can be compared to. Maintenance is required due to occasional diamond shifting.


The modern day lacrosse pocket. Available with Stringking mesh, East Coast Mesh, Jimalax Mesh, Stringer's Shack mesh, Ninja Mesh, Throne mesh, and Marc mesh.

pita pocket

A symmetrical 4-leather pocket. Similar to a classic traditional, but with twists down the center. Occasional Maintenance Required.


Similar to a pita pocket, X pattern down the center rather than twists. Can be strung with a "O-Channel" Occasional Maintenance required.

grunk pocket

Created by Max McCool. Features an "X" or "O" channel, loops attached to the sidewalls and the outside of the centered leathers, and twists connecting the loops. Available in both 2-leather and 4-leather. Light Maintenance needed.

heat pocket

heat pocket

Pocket Created by "JayWap" from the Inside Lacrosse Forums. Double Interlocked pocket. Featuring either a "X" or "O" Channel. Very light maintenance required.

Recent Stringings

Our most recent custom & mesh stringings.

Whether it's for a customer or one of our own sticks, we're always refining current techniques and experimenting with new ones to keep us ahead of the competition.

Maverik Optik

Maverik Optik with East Coast Gray/White fade

Warrior Burn custom

Warrior Burn with Custom Stringing

Goalie mesh

STX Eclipse goalie head with 12 diamond East Coast Mesh


Mesh: $10 plus the cost of materials Goalie Mesh: $15 plus the cost of materials

Traditional, Trad-X, Pita, 2-leather Grunk: $25 Heat, 4-leather Grunk: $30